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About Us

Excellence Management & Consulting Corporation (EMCC) is a multifaceted management consulting company based in London, United Kingdom.

Our network of partners and clients consists of plant and heavy machinery manufacturers, engineering companies, mining companies, car and truck manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers, scientists, geologists, ecologists, agronomists, legal firms, private equity firms, hedge funds, corporate & investment banks, communications, media and technology companies, foundations and nonprofit organizations, governments and governmental agencies.


Our consultants are experienced experts and visionaries with practical knowledge and core competency to help our clients achieve their goals.


Excellence Management & Consulting Corporation (EMCC) advises companies and investors on market entry in Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas by identifying appropriate local partners and performing the required due diligence, providing countries regulatory fiscal framework, advising on the right course of action, assessing and analyzing political and operational risks, advising on investment incentives, liaising with government and governmental agencies.

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