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Our technology services for governments:

We develop, design and implement secure digital services to help government reduce or completely eliminate the bureaucratic burdens of dealing with paperwork by creating an advanced, reliable and secure digital interface and platform for electronic tax payment (for revenue authority), electronic business registration system, passport and national ID application system among others.


Our goal is to support governmental institutions with Complete Electronic Government Solutions (CEGS), by improving government processes, cutting processes costs, reducing corruption, managing process and  performance.


Our Complete Electronic Government Solutions (CEGS) augments the quality and the effectiveness of the governmental institutions, provide transparency, create trust between the government and its citizens, help and contribute to an efficient working flow between public service personnels.

Our services for technology, telecommunications, media companies and entrepreneurs:

As a technophile company, we assist technology, telecommunications and media entrepreneurs and founders raise the funds, structure or re-structure their organizations, create value in this ever changing market by building internal competencies, supporting them to create their own sustainability, integrate digital and analytics tools into their organizations, and helping solve challenges such as market incorporation, balancing the risks and rewards of AI, finding talented integral team players, cloud network issues, data governance, security and privacy, dealing with public perception issues and trust, constant innovation and digital transformation, Implementing Regulated Privacy Protections among others. 

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