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Railway Infrastructure Consulting 

Railways are an essential means of transport. They played a major role in integrating markets and increasing trade. According to many researches, rail transport creates more value added than air or water transport. Rail infrastructure projects create wider economic impacts as a result of improved travel times and increased capacity, connecting citizens, linking regions throughout a country and increase the attractiveness of city centres. Transport by railway, especially the villages, remote places, suburban routes, is not only a profitable business but also a social function. Railways are a climate-smart and efficient way to move  people and freight. Railways promote economic growth while cutting greenhouse  gas emissions. They are a clean and compact way to move millions of passengers and millions of tons of goods across countries and continents.  

The introduction of the railways enabled a substantial reduction in costs of transport, leading to lower prices of goods in shops and stores. 

We help clients and governments to have a better understanding of railway’s potential to deal with poverty so that transport ministries and urban planners can make more accurate decisions on policies and investments. 

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