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By K. D. Kussu, Managing Director


Excellence Management & Consulting Corporation CSR


In today’s world, human beings have become more and more aware about the products that they are consuming or using than ever before in the history of mankind, whether it is food and drinks (food & beverage industry), medications/pills (pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry), clothes (apparel/fashion industry) or any other products. Therefore, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not only a necessity, but it is a fundamental strategic policy that corporations have to embrace and implement to improve their images and build brand awareness.


Before the word “CSR” became a trendy popular word, I have been practicing this belief on the private level as an individual and of course as an entrepreneur and business executive. Now, let’s take a deep look into our lives! Who hasn’t practiced this belief as an individual that I called “Individual social responsibility (ISR)?


I’m pretty much sure that most of the individuals in this world have to-some-extent, depending on their means or abilities, have somehow tried to help someone that they believe was a little worse off than themselves. So, what I’m trying to say is that, it is to me a natural instinct if you will, to give a hand or help someone.


As a corporation, it is our natural duty to incorporate CSR in our policy, not because it is a popular thing to do nor because it will increase our image and reputation, but simply, because we believe that it is naturally the right thing to do.


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