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Mr. Kussu has been active as an entrepreneur and investor since 1994. Besides his entrepreneurial activities, Mr. Kussu is a passionate spiritual lecturer and researcher in the areas of metaphysics, quantum physics and the relationships between the human body, mind & soul, spirit and the universe.

As a strategic investor, Mr. Kussu has extensive knowledge and experience in diverse investment opportunities in the fields of healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure, technology, Energy, Finance, construction, entertainment, music & media, telecommunications, metals and mining.


Mr. Chrysanthopoulos is a veteran in European and international diplomatic affairs. He was the Secretary General of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), in which member countries are Russia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Armenia, Macedonia, Georgia, Albania, Azerbaijan,   Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. 


He was the Director General of EU Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Director General of Bilateral and Multilateral Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens/ Greece.


Mr. Chrysanthopoulos was also Ambassador of Greece to Canada, Ambassador of Greece to  Poland, Ambassador of Greece to Armenia and many other diplomatic positions including Minister Counselor at the Embassy of Greece in Beijing, Deputy Permanent Representative at the Greek Mission to the United Nations among others.


As a scientist and inventor Mr. Rafat is a member of the German Geological Society and the German Association of Certified Surveyors. He has over 45 years of experience in the mining industry. 


His portfolio details an array of publications, articles, and inventions such as new scientific devices (DMT CoreScan Colour) and DMT Core-Plug Scanner and several softwares for monitoring and evaluation. Mr. Rafat has been actively working as a geologist and associate professor and providing Geoscience Consultancy services around . 


He started his career in the 70’s as an Assistant lecturer at the University of Frankfurt/M, Geophysical Institute in Germany. He was a Senior Geologist at Deutsche Montan Technologie GmbH in Bochum Institute for Deposits, Surveying and Applied Geophysics. Prior to that, Mr. Rafat has worked at Ruhrkohle AG, Department of Geology and Surveying, and at the Department of Deposits and Research. He is also associate Professor at the Moscow State Mining University.

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