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Tunnel excavation requires lots of technical skills, professional and experienced workers and sophisticated machinery. 


Tunnels are excavated for various reasons and purposes such as building underground, railways, mining operations, laying pipelines etc.


The method of tunnel construction depends mainly on the following factors: 

The general ground conditions, the tunnel depth, the logistics of supporting the tunnel excavation, the diameter, and length of the tunnel drive, but also the final use and shape of the tunnel, including the tunnel construction safety, risk assessment, and management.



There are different types of construction techniques developed for construction of tunnels such as Bored tunnel method, Box jacking method, Clay kicking method, Cut and cover method, Pipe jacking method, Shaft method, and Underwater tunnels.


We offer all of the modern machinery used for the construction of the tunnels:

Electric crawler excavator, electric wheel loader, cutter head, road header, roof scaler, rotary cutter,  spiral conveyor, tunnel boring machinery etc.


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